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  • 25 years of Grawe Ukraine Life insurance


    25th anniversary of GRAWE Ukraine Life Insurance

    Protection against critical illness

    Grawe Pidtrymka

    Protection in case of diagnosis of critical illness

    Other types of insurance, except life insurance
    Other types of insurance, except life insurance

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    25 years of work experience in Ukraine

    "GRAWE UKRAINE Life Insurance" is a subsidiary of the Austrian financial concern GRAWE, founded on March 23, 1998. GRAWE was the first Western concern that came to Ukraine during the difficult times of mistrust and crisis of the 90s.

    Facts about the company

    Financial indicators of GRAWE UKRAINE

    1998 year
    Establishment of the company
    Premiums received, UAH million
    4 970,4
    Assets, UAH million
    4 448,4
    Insurance reserves, UAH million


    Life insurance for legal entities

    Life insurance for legal entities

    An effective motivational tool in the hands of the company manager
    Life insurance for individuals

    Life insurance for individuals

    Insurance programs for individuals: savings, pension, children's, health protection.
    Non-life insurance

    Non-life insurance

    Car insurance, property insurance, travel insurance, medical insurance for legal entities and individuals.
    Life insurance for legal entities

    Grazer Wechselseitige Versicherung AG

    During its long history, despite the political and economic crises that befell Austria in the 19th and 20th centuries, the GRAWE group never stopped its work. GRAWE has not only withstood difficult times, but also achieved a high level of development thanks to the inheritance of management principles, the focus of its activities on the interests of customers, careful selection and training of personnel. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the age-old history of the GRAWE concern, as well as the creation and activities of two subsidiary companies in Ukraine.

    GRAWE UKRAINELife insurance